African Drumming Class

Join our fun, high-energy and uplifting drumming class! Drumming is fun, therapeutic and a meditative outlet. You can learn to drum, have fun, feel the rhythm, connect with you own energy on a deeper level, feel the freeness and rejuvenation from within. 

Soul Rhythm African Drumming offers hand drumming classes for all levels, from people who have never touched a drum before to professional-level players with years of experience. Also suitable for those with no or limited experience in hand drumming. Enjoy a fun, high-energy class focusing on the basics of hand-drumming techniques (bass, tone, slap), being able to play together, developing groove, control & listening skills, follow rhythmic patterns while being able to hold an individual part, learning full rhythms and simple solos in a relaxed, fun environment!

What you can expect from the Classes:
Learning basic technique on the djembe (bass, tone and slap)
Working on timing
Comfortable Lively Experience  
Friendly teaching methodology
Cultural enrichment in the arts of advancing in your playing — no matter what skill level!

For Beginners (New to Drumming) to Intermediate Levels (Djembe) and or hand-drum
All levels are welcome and no experience is necessary! Series recommended as class is progressive.

Cost: $110.00 / 4-Weeks Series or $30.00 for drop-in per class with drum rental included.

Class Schedule: Our next class starts on Sunday, June 11th & 25th from 5:45 pm – 6:45 pm

Ongoing Class Schedule: The class schedule will be updated by June 30th, 2023.

Venue: Bella Diva World Dance Studio at 4309 E. Mississippi Ave., Glendale, CO 80246

Drop-In Class

Open level drumming class
$ 30
Per Session
  • African Drumming Class For All Levels
  • Drum rental included

4 Weeks Series

Open level drumming class
$ 110
4-Week Session
  • African Drumming Course 4-Wk Series // For All Levels
  • Drum rental included

Have questions or need more information? Contact us.  Call/Text Manuel on 1-719-551-2175 or email us